Courgette Pasta Sauce


1big courgette
1big tomato
10 - 15green olives (no seeds)
5branches of basil
1medium onion
100 gmushrooms
50 gparmigiano cheese


Peel the tomato and cut it to cubes. Wash the courgette and remove the top and bottom ends, cut it in cubes as well. Let the tomato and courgette cubes simmer until soft (20 - 30 mins). Finely cut the onion and mushrooms and gently fry them, add mushrooms when onion has become transparent. Fry until soft as well. Blend the olives with the basil and some olive oil into paste. When the courgette is soft blend them with a stick blender, add salt and pepper until it tasted alright. Mix courgette paste, olive paste and onion and mushrooms together. Also add the Parmesan cheese and bring to a boil.

Serve with penne or fussily pasta.

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